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Happy Janmashtami Images


Krishna is the lord of love, wisdom, courage and of all the other emotions which are related with human requirement or nature directly or indirectly. Krishna is the God of love and colors. Krishna himself is a color. Color of joy, love, courage, wisdom and much more. And that is the reason why Krishna is loved so much in all over the world. 

Janmashtami is the Hindu festival that is celebrated to praise the birth of lord Krishna. Janmashtami or Krishnashtami is celebrated with the great excitement. Janamshtami 2017 is on 15th August this year and the joy of Janmashatami is already in the air.

To celebrate the birth of Krishna, we have created this special post on Happy Janmashtami Images. Krishna is the God of various nature and that is why we have collected various Krishna Janmashtami Photos and krishna janmashtami images hd. You can use these Happy Janmashtami 2017 Images as your computer wallpaper or whatsapp and facebook profile picture. These janmashtami images download is totally free and you can share these Happy Janmashtami images 2017 with friends and relatives and also with Krishna devotees. So without talking too much and wasting the time let us take you to the images of Janmashtami.

Krishna is the eighth avatar of lord Vishnu and born in the prison in the month of Shravana according to Hindu Calender. Krishna's father was Vasudev and mother was Devki. But Krishna grown up in the house of Jashoda and Nand. Krishna's various stories with mother Jashoda is vary famous and loved everywhere in the india.

Krishna is known with various names and janmashtami is celebrated with the different different traditions in the various part on India and world. Krishna is also famous as Makhan Chor as he used to steal Makhan when he was small child.

As Krishna's childhood, Krishna's young age is also full of various events. Krishna's love for Radha is very famous among the Krishna devotees. People worship Radha and Krishna for their great love, which is rare to find.

Krishna's love for animals, specially for cows, are also very known. People worship cows and take care of them as mother. It is just because of Krishna that people give so much love to the animal.

We hope that you must have liked these Happy Janmashtami Images and you are going to share it. We have also collected some Best Krishna Janmashtami 2017 images for you so you can get more options for Janmashtami Images and you can celebrate this Janmashtami with love and joy. 
Happy Janmashtami !!

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